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Force 3Way Briefcase Navy

Force 3Way Briefcase Navy


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Porter - Yoshida Force 3Way Briefcase Navy

The Japanese high-end luggage manufacturer Porter finds inspiration in functional military clothing for the "Force" series. The three two pockets on the front each have a zipper and inside the bag there are several other compartments of different sizes, which offer an optimal division. As the name 3Way Briefcase suggests, this bag can be worn three different ways. Firstly carried as a regular office bag with the attached handles. Then with the delivered shoulder strap as a shoulder bag and lastly, when you open the zipper at the back, two backpack straps show and you'll be able to swing the bag on your back. This is as versatile as it gets. The inner lining is, as is typical for Porter, kept in signal orange. The e FORCE 3WAY BRIEFCASE is made from a hard-wearing nylon twill, which is commonly used in industry and is therefore particularly abrasion-resistant and hard-wearing. Concluding it is to mention that all parts of our Porter Bags are cut and sewn by hand.

Made in Japan.

We also offer the FORCE 3WAY BRIEFCASE in olive and black.