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Our master cobbler specialises in Red Wing boots and has more than a decade of experience with the brand

Resoling and Repair Service

Since 2007, we offer our customers within Europe a thorough resoling and repair service for the majority of the Red Wing Heritage styles. 

If you don´t have the chance to drop off your Red Wing boots at one of our official stores in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich, feel free to use our repair and resoling service via the postal service.

Please print out the repair form, fill it out, and place it into the shipping parcel.

Load Repair Form

Unfortunately, we do not accept repairs from non-EU countries.

How it works

Download the Repair Form

Download the repair form, fill it out, and send it with your boots to the following address::

Red Wing Shoe Store Berlin
Münzstraße 8, 10178 Berlin

Receive Confirmation Mail

As soon as your parcel arrives, you will receive a confirmation email with a payment request.

If there are open questions, we will contact you immediately after processing.

The boots are back

After the completion of your order and the receipt of payment we will promptly ship your resoled/repaired boots to the requested address.


How long does it take?

At the moment our cobbler needs approx. 6-7 weeks to process your shoes.
The exact duration of your resoling/repair depends on the season and order situation. According to our experience we recommend to ship your boots during spring or summer, due to shorter waiting times in the past.

Our Price List

*incl. Heels
*Wedges for soles without heels
Traction Tred Outsole
(e.g. 877 Irish Setter, all Moc Toe and Round Toe Styles)
109,95 € 39,95 €*
Black Traction Tred Outsole
(e.g. 8137 u. 8886 Moc Toe)
109,95 € 39,95 €*
Nitrile Cork Sole Brown
(e.g. all Iron Ranger Styles, 3343 Blacksmith, 8201 Chelsea Rancher and 2991 Engineer)
129,95 €* 49,95 €
Nitrile Cork Sole Black
(e.g. all Iron Ranger & Blacksmith Styles, 8200 Chelsea Rancher and 2990 Engineer)
129,95 €* 49,95 €
Roccia Sole with Robusta Continental
(e.g. all Beckman Styles, 2917, 2918 and 2922 Chelsea Rancher)
139,95 €* 49,95 €
Vibram 430 Minilug Sole Black
(e.g. all Iron Ranger, Blacksmith and Harvester Styles)
129,95 €* 49,95 €
Vibram 430 Minilug Sole Brown
(e.g. all Iron Ranger, Blacksmith and Harvester Styles)
129,95 €* 49,95 €
Atlas Tred Sole
(all Work Chukka Styles, e.g.: 3139, 3140, 3141, 3150 Work Chukka)
109,95 €  
Neoprene Cord Sole
(all Steel Toe Engineer Styles, e.g.: 2268, 2972 und 8268 Engineer)
129,95 €* 49,95 €
Black Cushion Sole
(101 and 9197 Postman)
109,95 € 39,95 € *
Vibram Lug Outsole 
(8146 Moc Toe, 4585 Logger and alle Sawmill and Ice Cutter Styles)
129,95 €


Neoprene Cushion Sole Brown
(all Foreman Chukka Styles, e.g.: 9215 Foreman Chukka)
109,95 €


Neoprene Cushion Sole Black
(all Foreman Chukka Styles, e.g.: 9216 Foreman Chukka)
109,95 €  
Hill Sole
(all Weekender Styles, e.g.: 3303 u. 3322 Weekender)
99,95 €


Chemigum Sole
(all Merchant Styles, e.g.: 8061 u. 8044 Merchant)
129,95 €* 49,95 €
Chevron Super Sole
(all Frankfurter Styles, e.g.: 8801, 8802 and 8804 Moc Toe)
109,95 €


All Prices include 19% VAT.
The costs for the shipment of your freshly resoled or repaired shoes are 6,95 € within Germany. Within Europe 15,95 €.