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Moc Toe 3427

Moc Toe 3427

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RED WING Moc Toe 3427

A true icon. The brown Moc Toe 3427 is the feminine, more tapered spin on the iconic 877 Irish Setter style of the men´s collection. The Irish Setter release in 1952 marked the start of our most successful silhouette to-date and this boot more than anything states: Red Wing. The world-renowned Oro Legacy leather paired with the light and insulating Atlas Lite Tred outsole and an 8-Inch height is just a classic look that is fashionable without being fashion. The perfect pair for the colder time of the year. No wonder the men´s version has garnered extreme popularity.

The Red Wing Heritage Women´s Collection in general aims to cater to the female Red Wing fans with softer leather, a reduced weight, a cushioned insole, a slimmer and more comfortable fit through different lasts, and more feminine proportions. Yet, it follows the same principles and goals like the men´s. It combines the finest leathers made in the company-owned S.B. Foot Tannery and quality materials with uncompromising craftsmanship. It takes more than 230 steps to handcraft a pair of our boots.

Background History:

The Red Wing Shoe Company started to manufacture boots for women during the roaring twenties. These ladies were true pioneers, who broke free from any type of social constraints and stereotypes. Red Wing Shoe Company responded to these social changes by creating a collection of ladies boots that were specifically suited to the needs and activities of independent women of the time. We try to continue seeding and owning the mindset of quality over quantity thereby celebrating our legacy of building premium, iconic footwear for women.

Made in USA.

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